Adaptive3D is the premium Additive Manufacturing polymer resin supplier. We partner with global leaders to deliver solutions for functional end use products and prototypes. We have a range of materials that match the properties of elastomeric materials spanning from silicones to polyurethanes and rubbers.

    If you require a unique set of properties or desire a turn-key elastomeric Additive Manufacturing line of parts and products, then we can help. Starting from our high performance materials, our team of engineers works to ensure that our materials meet the exact specifications of your product’s needs – whether it be a prototype or designed for end-use. These specifications include toughness, strain, and tear strength. We design materials that are contrary to the 3D printing industry’s longstanding pain points. Our materials are tough and flexible to get the job done.


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    Adaptive3D’s 3D printing resins are made with Additive Manufacturing in mind. Additive Manufacturing is a process by which products are constructed layer by layer using 3D-printable materials such as photopolymers. Unfortunately, it has widely missed the mark and failed to deliver on its full potential due to material limitations… until now.

    Adaptive3D’s innovative materials allow you to create products with a broad range of characteristics. The most common challenge is that product groups must be able to additively manufacture parts that have the high strain, the high strength, and the feel of rubber. All of these boxes are checked when it comes to Adaptive3D’s 3D printing resins. This means you can create functional prototypes and even end-user products in high volumes.


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Adaptive3D is a world leader in Additive Manufacturing elastomers. Our expertise in proprietary high performance photopolymer resins is matched only by our experience in designing flexible parts and lattice structures. We partner with global leaders across a range of end markets to deliver high volume Additive Manufacturing solutions for end parts and products. You can leverage this capability by working with our team of designers, chemists, applications engineers and  operations consultants to deliver your organization a world class solution for additively manufacturing elastomeric parts and products. See our case studies to learn more…